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To cultivate law students by keeping integrity and law in mind and serving the public

There are two undergraduate majors: law and social work in the Law School of Jiangnan University; and two master's degree programs: first-level discipline master's degree in law and master degree in law major, and agricultural development (rural and regional development). We have set up a research center for intellectual property law in Jiangsu Province, a research center for administrative rule of law in Wuxi, and Wuxi community development and social work study. We are committed to cultivating high-quality practical social science professionals with strong professional foundations, comprehensive knowledge systems and outstanding innovation capabilities.

We have a reasonably structured faculty, who are full of vitality in teaching and have great potential in academic research. 63% of teachers have senior professional titles, 60% are doctoral teachers and many teachers have overseas doctoral degrees or visiting experiences. In the past three years, the college teachers have won three national social science funds, 14 humanities and social science funds of the Ministry of Education, published more than 10 textbooks and published more than 80 papers from CSSCI source journals. In our school, our dean Zeng Xianghua was named "Outstanding Law Scholar of Wuxi Youth and Young People", professor Cai Yongmin is a well-known civil law expert, Taihu scholar and young academic leader of the "Qinglan Project" in Jiangsu Province, while professor Gao Lin is vice president of the International Law Research Association. In addition, professor Lv Qing has in-depth research on community governance and family policy and professor Zhao Xianghong is an expert in social work and ageing for the elderly. Several teachers have won the title of "My Favorite Teacher" and "Model teachers" selected by the whole school.

We have always put the quality of personnel training in the first place, emphasized the cultivation of basic professional literacy and the training of professional practical ability, and gradually formed a distinctive talent training path for undergraduates who are guided by tutors, driven by projects, and promoted by practice. In the recent three years, undergraduates have undertaken more than 50 innovative experimental projects at the national, provincial and school levels, and published more than 100 papers. The graduation thesis of undergraduate has been awarded the graduation design (thesis) of the general colleges of Jiangsu Province for six consecutive years. The social research works of undergraduates won the first and second prizes in the “Challenge Cup” of National College Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Competition for three consecutive years; the undergraduate social practice team and the research report written by them have won many national and provincial awards. Our undergraduate students have won the honorary title of “Top Ten College Students” of Jiangnan University for many years, and a number of outstanding collectives such as “Dormitory for Postgraduate Recommendation to Famous Universities” and “Full Passing Dormitory of Judicial Examination” have emerged; undergraduates have an average annual entrance examination rate of more than 25% and employment rate of over 95%. A large number of students have entered the University of Pennsylvania, University College London, University of Southampton, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Renmin University of China, Fudan University, Nanjing University, China University of Political Science and Law and other well-known universities at home and abroad.

We emphasized the cultivation of students' practical work ability. We have professional experimental facilities such as simulation court, social work laboratory, social science statistical software (SPSS) laboratory, telephone access expert system, etc. and teaching and training software worthy millions of yuan including five systems, i.e. situational training and law simulation litigation. In addition, we have established extensive cooperation with local courts, procuratorates, law firms, communities and social organizations, built more than 20 teaching practice bases and social practice bases; and established exchanges and cooperation with many universities in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. Each year, we have sent almost 20 undergraduates to participate in outbound study tours and exchange programs. The five-year employment follow-up survey after graduation shows that most of our graduates have won the praise of employers with good professionalism and comprehensive ability when they are recruited to institutions.

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