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Leaders of the college

Party committee

Secretary: Yang Jie

Responsible for party building and ideological and political work; in charge of news publicity, trade union work, social resources, network management.

Contact phone: 0510-85915002

Deputy secretary and deputy dean: Zhang Huiqi

In charge of students' ideological and political education and management; coordinating news publicity and trade union work

Contact phone: 0510-85910540

Commissary in charge of organization: Lei Yude

Disciplinary inspection committee: Zhang Huiqi

Commissary in charge of publicity: Wang Fang

United front member: Wang Junbai

Youth committee member: Wang Dongdong

Contact phone: 0510-85329321


Dean: Zeng Xianghua

Responsible for the administrative work of the college; in charge of discipline construction, personnel, finance, platform construction and asset management and assessment.

Contact phone: 0510-85910530

Deputy Dean: Wang Junbai

In charge of undergraduate teaching, talent base construction, library materials construction, laboratory construction.

Contact phone: 0510-85919787

Deputy Dean: Wang Fang

In charge of postgraduate work, academic exchange, scientific research and development, international exchange; coordinating discipline construction, social resources, platform construction and asset management.

Contact phone: 0510-85910486

Dean assistant: He Wei

Assist equipment procurement and management

Contact phone: 0510-85910563

Dean assistant: Mei Jin

Coordinating scientific research work and foreign affairs work

Contact phone: 0510-85919939